The Finnish Boxing Museum

The Finnish Boxing Museum was founded in 1991. It is an unique museum of one sport. The purpose of the museum is to collect and preserve equipment, medals, photos, commemorative items and other objects of the history and culture of boxing. Besides the champions and outstanding boxers, we also introduce the organizations and persons who have influenced in the development of boxing.

The collection includes a wide range of medals, awards, statuettes, photos, posters, banners, badges, magazines, publications and books. An essential part of the museum is an exhibition of boxing equipment and outfits, which tell the story of a strong development in the sport during the past decades.

Nowadays the museum has over 10.000 objects in its collection.
The work goes on, and the museum gratefully takes donations of any kind of boxing material.

The Finnish Boxing Museum is situated in Tampere, Finland


Hämeenpuisto 39
FI-33100 Tampere
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Open only by request.


Jukka Vahter
tel. 044 589 7407